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  • Book Previews

    Book Previews

    Book previews of my six novels are now available on the “About the Books” page.  Here is a sample preview from Tobit. http://

  • Poetry


    After I had completed at least three drafts of my first novel, The Olympian, A Tale of Ancient Hellas, my friend Steven Pressfield suggested, “You might want to get a copy of Noah Lukeman’s book The First Five Pages.  I think you will find it helpful.”  That is a typical understatement from a great author.…

  • New Look

    New Look

    I’ve decided to try a new look for the E.S. Kraay Online website.  I hope you enjoy it.  Comments are welcome.

  • Kindle Edition Discount Poll Revisited

    Seems I had a technical error on the original poll.  I invite you to give it another try.  We are planning to offer one E.S. Kraay Kindle title [excluding the West Point book and The Sixth Day] at a discounted next week.  Help me decide which one to offer at a discount.  You can click…

  • Early Reactions to Gaspar

    Reactions to Gaspar, Another Tale of the Christ are slowly beginning to arrive including the first review on Amazon.  Comments range from “It is so very, very interesting of a read, it is too difficult to put down,” to “Spellbinding,” and “A wonderful testimony to faith via imagination. Reminds me of Henry van Dyke’s The…