The Penitent Thief

I lowered my eyes this morning as I began my prayers and saw this on the ground between my feet.

I immediately recalled these words from The Brothers Karamazov

“I was there when the Word who died on the cross rose up into heaven bearing on his bosom the soul of the penitent thief.”

Fyodor Dostoevsky, The Brothers Karamazov as it appears in
The Vitruvian Man’s Book of Hours

God speaks to us in many ways.  All we must do is be attentive and listen.

A Light in the Heart of Darkness

I do not routinely engage in social media.  Several weeks ago, my daughter Stef – who does – called to tell me a person in England reached out asking if she was related to the “E.S. Kraay” who wrote The Hamsa.  Understanding my ineptitude with social media, Stef explained to me how I could respond to the inquiry on ‘messenger.’  An hour or so later, I was talking to my new friend in England, Pat Easton.

Pat Easton

Pat is a proud member of the Great British Home Chorus Friends [GBHCF], a virtual choir that evolved from the COVID lockdown in the UK last year. Continue reading A Light in the Heart of Darkness

tVM Book of Hours

I am pleased to announce that The Vitruvian Man’s Book of Hours is now available at Amazon and other online retailers.

A thin 80 pages and a mere 7,500 words it contains 84 ‘offerings’ distributed through three daily hours – sunrise, midday, and sunset – each day of the week.  My hope is that it finds its way to nightstands, coffee tables, and other locations within arm’s reach that will encourage people to reach for it and spend a few minutes every day in spiritual thought.

It is currently available as a paperback.  We have not made a decision on the eBook.