No Man Is a Failure Who Has Friends

As it is written…

“No man is a failure who has friends.”

Clarence Oddbody

Every Christmas, my wife and I watch Frank Capra’s iconic film “It’s a Wonderful Life.”  We enjoyed it as much this year as we have every other year, maybe even more the older we get.  “When did we start watching this?” she asked.  “I can’t remember,” I stumbled for an answer, but I believe we first discovered it in the 80s, 40 years ago, probably more.  It will continue to be a part of our lives forever.

For the few of you who don’t know the story, George Bailey, a good man who has lived a challenging life but always does the right thing, finds himself at the end of his rope contemplating suicide.  His guardian angel – Clarence Oddbody – arrives at the crucial moment and saves him.  The film concludes with George and his family surrounded by friends and in his ‘basket of plenty’ is Clarence’s copy of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer with the inscription, “Dear George, Remember, no man is a failure who has friends.  Thanks for the wings.  Love, Clarence.”

George Bailey and Clarence Oddbody

I’ve contemplated that inscription throughout my adult life, and concluded it is an absolute truth. 

Friends aren’t gathered like IOUs to be handy to bail us out in tough times.  If we’ve lived a loving life, we’re surrounded by friends who support us through good times and bad.  As they stand by us, so, too, do we stand by them.  I thank God every day for my friends and ask his blessings upon them.

There are events in my life that I wish were different, times when I could have made better choices that might have resulted in better outcomes, but through nearly 75 years, I’ve made more friends than I deserve to have, and that makes me a successful man regardless of the size of my bank account or worldly possessions.

It is and will be “As It Is Written…”

“No man is a failure who has friends.”


4 responses to “No Man Is a Failure Who Has Friends”

  1. Theresa Schneider Avatar
    Theresa Schneider

    Dzienkuje bardzo!
    Kochjaca, Teresa

    1. Simonides Avatar

      Niech Bóg cię zawsze błogosławi, moja dobra przyjaciółko, Tereso.

  2. Theresa Schneider Avatar
    Theresa Schneider

    Thanks for putting a smile on my face.

    Lochajaca Teresa

    1. Simonides Avatar

      It’s okay to cry, but it’s better to laugh.

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