The Man in Tennessee

As singer songwriter Dave Loggins crooned in his beautiful ballad “Please Come to Boston,”

“I’m the number one fan of a man in Tennessee.”

As we approach the halfway point in the 2014 Winter Olympic Games and the halfway point in our Hamsa Giveaway to celebrate the games, a man from Tennessee is forging ahead and clearly set on winning the book and the GI issue Hamsa that comes with it.  It is still not too late to catch him, and remember there will be an international winner as well.  If you haven’t entered, it’s not to late; if you have, you can accumulate more points by taking additional action every day … just like the man from Tennessee.

Click here to enter and win.

By the way, because I consider Loggins’ 1974 ballad one of the most beautiful songs ever written and because tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, I decided to include the song with the post.  You can listen to it while you enter the contest.

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