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My lucky day …. Early in 2013, I met Alistair McKenzie – film producer, director, screenwriter, actor, composer and musician.  I love creative people, and Alistair is all about creativity.  He has produced two audio editions of my books:  The Olympian and The Sixth Day: a 17,175-Word Novella About Creation and Prizefighting.  Both of his productions elevate the written word, add another dimension and enable you, the listener to hear, and then visualize what I originally put on paper.  Because of our collaboration, The Sixth Day has been optioned for film and is now in pre-production with HopLite Entertainment.  Alistair and Jasmine Fontes have drafted the screenplay, which HopLite has tentatively titled “Third Man.

 Alistair’s musical talent comes through loud and clear on a CD of 12 original songs titled “Seventh Day.”  Like all of his work, it is comforting, relaxing and inspiring.  Last year, he composed and performed an original composition for The Sixth Day audio book, “We Pray for Light.”  From my perspective, the nature of the song and Alistair’s performance of “We Pray for Light” on the audio book is worth the price of the audio book from Audible.

 Jon Smith, the producer of “Third Man” intends to include “We Pray for Light” in the film’s soundtrack.  “Third Man” is scheduled for production in 2015.  Alistair is working on a new CD of original music that will include “We Pray for Light” and he hopes to release the collection in conjunction with the film’s premiere.

E.S. Kraay and Alistair McKenzie You can get a jump-start on the entire process!  In March, we will giveaway two copies of Alistair McKenzie’s “Seventh Day” and two copies of the book The Sixth Day to the top two point-getters in March’s contest.

 Get involved with The Sixth Day, “Seventh Day,” and “Third Man.”  Enter here to win, and spread the word: 

There is Strength in Faith!


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