Early Reactions to Gaspar


Henry Van DykeReactions to Gaspar, Another Tale of the Christ are slowly beginning to arrive including the first review on Amazon.  Comments range from “It is so very, very interesting of a read, it is too difficult to put down,” to “Spellbinding,” and “A wonderful testimony to faith via imagination. Reminds me of Henry van Dyke’s The Other Wise Man except Gaspar is one of the originals.”

I always say that the highlight of post-production for me is when somebody really ‘gets it,’ and Mr. McKenzie’s Amazon review shows a deep understanding of the story’s progression,

“Engaging story of the Magi, cleverly conceived and beautifully executed. The growth of Gaspar throughout the narrative introduces us to his ordained purpose gradually so that we don’t realize we’re in the presence of divinity.”

Thanks to all who have read and are reading Gaspar, Another Tale of the Christ.

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