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Alistair McKenzie’s Epiphany

Late in November 2014, I decided to offer The Christmas Story sequence from Gaspar, Another Tale of the Christ as a download on my websites.  After tipping my hand to my friend Father Paul, he encouraged me to read the sequence at the Masses at the Redemptorist Renewal Center during this Epiphany weekend.

Alistair McKenzie has produced audio books available on Audible from two of my books.  I rolled the dice and asked Alistair if he would come to Tucson from LA to do the reading.  He accepted and arrived Friday night.

Redemptorist Renewal CenterWe have just completed three Masses where Alistair read the nativity sequence to approximately 600 rapt and attentive people.  The man was mesmerizing.  He had me on the verge of tears at least three times …. And I knew exactly what was coming!  While the audio version you can listen to on this website is incredible, to see Alistair perform this in person is revelating.

Special thanks to Father Paul Coury who encouraged me to do it …. to Father Greg Wiest who celebrated each Mass with enthusiasm and deep, contemplative faith … to the Lady of the Desert church community who found value in the story … and to Alistair McKenzie who delivered the most incredible live performance I have ever seen.

E.S. Kraay and Alistair McKenzie
E.S. Kraay and Alistair McKenzie


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