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KraayI am seeking ‘editorial consultation.’

Since I made my first escape from ‘traditional business’ and began writing ‘for real’ in 2002, I have published six novels.  While it may not be my favorite of the six, The Olympian, A Tale of Ancient Hellas is my bestseller.  Published in 2008, The Olympian is also my first.

The final page of The Olympian contains “Acknowledgements,” a practice I regrettably abandoned after The Hamsa in 2010.  The acknowledgements in both books contain a similar reference

“Thanks to my F-106 brother-in-arms George Mehrtens who was willing to pour through the manuscript and give me his recommendations, suggestions and observations …”

The Olympian, A Tale of Ancient Hellas, 2008


“Once again, avid reader, aviator and good friend George Mehrtens pushed me from start to finish.”

The Hamsa, 2010

Of the six books, the cleanest, most error-free are The Olympian and The Hamsa.  I regret not having continued the editing process I used in the first two manuscripts.  I changed course for three reasons

  • Editing is no easy task.  I felt I was imposing upon my friend.

  • As an independent publisher, I get so excited when I write, “The End” after 100,000 words or so that I become too eager to push the book into print and just do not give enough attention to the final, most important step.

  • I am not nearly as smart as I think I am (although that may attest that I am becoming wise)

With both The Olympian and The Hamsa, I gave completed manuscripts to George Mehrtens – The Olympian is 83,000 words and The monk writingHamsa, 134,000 – and expected him to return it in 30 days, a completely unrealistic and daunting task that only a friend like Mert would have attempted with a smile on his face.

Experience has taught me the error of my former ways …

Last week, I turned 5,000 words in my new manuscript, another historical novel.  After much thought, I decided to seek editorial assistance throughout the writing process rather than wait until the entire manuscript is completed.  Here is what I propose …

I expect to write 2,000 to 3,000 words each week, occasionally less, sometimes more.  My outline suggests 12 to 16 chapters.  Each chapter may be approximately 10,000 words.  As I conclude each chapter, I will forward it to my editorial consultant.  Her meticulous job will be to read the chapter to identify spelling errors, grammatical errors, typographical errors, and to offer ‘content suggestions’ and other observations to strengthen the story.  The consultant can work at his own pace.  I expect this to be a 1 to 2-year project, definitely not shorter, possibly longer.

If you would consider editing my new manuscript, please fill out at submit the contact form.  All inquiries are welcome and appreciated.  Please send any questions that you might have.  Thanks for your consideration.

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