Tobit: Seventh Movement, 1865

Tobit and the Hoodoo Man, A Mystical Tale from the Civil War South.  A film treatment in eight movements with prologue and epilogue.


Belle Watling's Place from "Gone with the Wind"
Belle Watling’s Place from “Gone with the Wind”

Seventh Movement – Jack’s Palace of Pleasure.  Tobias is anxious to meet Cherokee Jack.  Christmas morning, Andrew directs him to Jack’s Palace of Pleasure where Tobias meets and spends the afternoon on the front porch with Jack’s beautiful daughter SARA (17).  As light fades, Jack (55) makes his appearance and tells Tobias to be on his way.  Tobias says he has business with Jack and will return the next day to complete it.  He tells Jack he is lodging with Andrew.  That evening, Jack and Sara call on Andrew and dine with Tobias and his friends.  Tobias is clearly infatuated with Sara, and she is attracted to him as well.  During dinner, Jack relates his encounter with Tobit long ago and confesses his crime, and announces that he still retains the purse he promised to keep for Tobit.  Jack explains that he will give him the purse on one condition that Sara returns to Nineveh with Tobias.  Tobias adds one condition, that she return as his wife.  They agree, but as Jack and Sara prepare to leave, Father Gabriel mysteriously tells them Jack and his ladies will have need of Tobias this very night because guests “with evil intentions” will visit.  Gabriel explains what must be done.  Tobias returns to the Palace of Pleasure with Sara and Jack.  That night, four highwaymen enter Jack’s place intent on destruction.  Following Father Gabriel’s instructions, Tobias and Jack drug the brigands’ drinks with the gall and liver of the catfish.  The four men go insane and kill each other.


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