Tobit: Eighth and Final Movement, 1865

Tobit and the Hoodoo Man, A Mystical Tale from the Civil War South.  A film treatment in eight movements with prologue and epilogue.


Mississippi_ku_kluxEighth Movement – Return to Nineveh.  Tobias and Father Gabriel accept nearly $10,000 of Federal issue from Jack.  Sara agrees to a wedding that day if Tobias allows Jack to return to Nineveh as well.  All is agreed.  Father Gabriel performs the ceremony that afternoon to a packed and festive house.  Tobias, Sara, Gabriel and Ben depart the following day for Nineveh.  Jack promises to follow as soon as he has taken care of his business.  Dr. Graydon and Andrew have decided to purchase the Palace of Pleasure with Jack’s maître d’ FLO (40).  On the return journey, Gabriel tells Tobias to apply a touch of the remaining gall powder to his father’s eyes.  The reunion of son and parents is beautiful.  Tobias does as Gabriel instructs and Tobit can miraculously see.  They present Etienne with an artificial leg from Dr. Graydon.  The lame shall walk.  Tobit invests money to paint the plantation.  Three days later, on the sixth day of the New Year, Wolfenbüttel arrives, certain that he will assume control of the plantation.  The sheriff is with him and both are taken aback to learn that Tobit has the $2,000 to purchase the plantation as Ashur’s wife had offered.  That night, the Circle of Brothers (KKK) comes to Nineveh led by Wolfenbüttel and the sheriff, hooded like their accomplices to kill the slaves and steal back Nineveh.  As they prepare to hang Ben, old Mother Rachel fires her ancient gun and cuts the rope.  The jar of the rope opens Ben’s ears – the deaf shall hear.  As the thugs disarm Mother Rachel, the Wolf instructs his men to “string up the priest.”  As they do, the Wolf prepares to execute Ben, but before he can pull the trigger, “a devilish howl rolls like heavy syrup from the hangin’ tree.”  It is the old and long silent cry of the Hoodoo Man that Tobit heard the night he met Cherokee Jack, “Hoo … doo … few doo … you gits what fo’ yoo.”   The Wolf and the Circle of Brothers fire into the tree, but there rapports are met with laughter and another howl from the Hoodoo Man.  The Hoodoo Man descends dramatically from the tree and opens fire killing all but the Wolf and the sheriff.  A final confrontation between the Wolf and the Hoodoo Man leaves Wolfenbüttel dead with a bullet between his eyes.  They release the sheriff with the threat of the Hodoo Man’s certain vengeance if any harm comes to the people of Nineveh.  The Hoodoo Man disappears as quickly as he came.  Three days later, Gabriel celebrates his final Mass at the plantation and as he concludes, Cherokee Jack approaches driving a wagon with his worldly possessions.

Look for the Epilogue next week.

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