Call to All Dog Lovers

The HamsaI love dogs and they continually find their way into my novels.  My two favorites are Raphael in The Hamsa and Caesar in Tobit and the Hoodoo Man, the first named after an archangel, the second after my own American Bulldog.  I am certain you love your dogs no less than I love mine.  Here is your chance to let your canine partner inspire others.

I befriended Jane Park Smith through our mutual friendship with Alistair McKenzie who I first met in 2013 when he produced the audiobook of The Sixth Day, a 17,175-Word Novella About Creation and Prizefighting.  Like me, Jane writes books … like Alistair, Jane is an actor … like Alistair and me, Jane has a deep spiritual awareness and acknowledges God in every thought, word and deed.  She is also a model, a public speaker and a wellness coach.  Follow any of the links in this post to learn more about this talented woman.

Shortly after I wrote The Sixth Day, Jane published Rocky the Rescue, a selection of lessons learned from arocky and Jane rescue pup to inspire his human companions to be better versions of themselves.  The book’s success has encouraged Jane to create a sequel, Rocky the Rescue, Volume 2.  This is where you, me and all dog lovers in the world come into the picture ….

Jane is soliciting stories from dog lovers around the world.  Everyone is welcome to submit his story.  She is accepting submissions through November 1, 2015.  Each of us has seven months to sharpen our pencils and our brains.  I plan to submit my own story hoping that it may be good enough to make the final cut, but whether or not it does makes no difference.  I love my dogs and I will tell their stories.  I will encourage my children and grandchildren to get involved.  Jane’s book is a way for all dog lovers to create a special community based on our best friends.

You can download the instruction sheet and application form here.

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As you ponder the story your dog wants you to tell, I invite you to visit Rocky’s website and learn more.  We will be carrying it in our sidebar through October.  Additionally, I will post monthly reminders so that you will not forget to get involved with this worthwhile project.  You will note on Rocky’s website that 90% of Jane’s proceeds go to charities.  Don’t wait.  Download the instructions and application form and get involved.  You may become the next Flannery O’Connor or F. Scott Fitzgerald!


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