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‘Tis the Season of Peace, Joy and Love

GasparOne of the highlights of my year occurred in early January when my friend Father Paul asked if I would read the nativity sequence from my novel Gaspar, Another Tale of the Christ at the Sunday Masses on Epiphany weekend.  Somewhat reluctant and embarrassed, I asked my friend and associate, actor, writer, musician Alistair McKenzie if he would come to Tucson from LA for the weekend to do it.  He graciously agreed.

Redemptorist Renewal CenterAs I relate the experience, I tell people, “I was sitting in the front row for three of Alistair’s readings.  I wrote the thing and I knew what was coming, but Alistair’s presentation forced me to choke back huge, emotional tears.”

As we embark on this season of peace, joy and love, I am reminded of what Christmas is really about.  I invite you to re-visit Alistair’s incredible reading to remind you of how and where this all began.  Click the link and scroll down to “The Christmas Story Audio.”

Peace and Blessings Always


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