Promised Land

The Sixth Day
Alistair McKenzie – actor, composer, playwright, screenwriter, producer, director

As soon as I posted my ‘Christmas gift 2015,’ I contacted my friend and associate Alistair McKenzie.  “Alistair,” I said, “would you consider reading and recording my story Rosie?”  “Funny you should ask,” he replied, “I was thinking the same thing.”

If you remember, Alistair recorded the Christmas Story from Gaspar a year ago.  I pushed him further.  “Do you think you could write an original song to go with it?”  Alistair explained how busy he was and that it might not be possible.  Typical Alistair … two days later, he sent me his draft of “Promised Land.”  I was knocked off my feet.  He had done it again, this time, an ode to the marginalized people of the world.

RosieTwo weeks later, I am more than pleased and proud to announce that Alistair has graciously offered his reading and his song to everyone with the hope that – like Carl, the protagonist of the story – we can all make a difference.

Thanks are inadequate to my friend Alistair.  He is indeed my friend and the most talented and creative person I am privileged to know.

Follow this link or click on the picture to the ‘complementary offerings’ page and scroll down to the Rosie audio.  You will be glad you did.  Speaking for me and for Alistair, Carl and Rosie

Merry Christmas

Blessings to All


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