For Unto Us a Child Is Born

I include my family as my friends, and I include my friends in my family.  I have more friends than a person like me deserves to have.  Each one is special.

RosieI have written plenty on my friend and associate Alistair McKenzie, but not so much about his associate Jasmine Fontes.  If you look closely at the cover of our Rosie Christmas story, you will note that the music was produced by Jasmine Fontes.  Take a look at the Third Mancover for 2012’s audio book The Sixth Day available on Audible, and you will see that it was co-produced by Jasmine Fontes.

Who is Jasmine Fontes?  I will not destroy the mystery except by saying that I met Jasmine in Los Angeles several years ago, and that she is a

Jasmine Fontes
Jasmine Fontes

very talented young lady who – like Alistair McKenzie – is a writer, producer, and musician … the list goes on.  I could say that she is a beautiful young lady, but as beautiful as she is, her talent exceeds her beauty.

This afternoon, I received a recording from my friend and associate Alistair McKenzie, a recording of my favorite part of George Frederick Handel’s Messiah, “For Unto Us a Child Is Born.”  Jasmine sings the vocal and Alistair provides the guitar background.  If I said I’ve heard a more angelic voice, I’d be lying.

With Jasmine’s permission, I invite you to listen to her inspiring interpretation of Handel’s “For Unto Us a Child Is Born” from the Messiah.

Thank you, Jasmine.  You have made my Christmas and the Christmas of those who listen to this a bit better.

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