Why You Should Read The Hamsa

The HamsaI want you to read The Hamsa for two reasons

  1. It is good story and
  2. All proceeds from all E.S. Kraay Kindle editions on ALL E.S. Kraay books go directly to The Haitian Initiative to support the kids enrolled in the HI program in Cité Soleil

The Hamsa is a Holocaust story told through the eyes of Bronisław Czech, the 349th person incarcerated into Auschwitz.  When pressed, I will admit that The Hamsa is my favorite of the six novels I’ve written.  The Hamsa is about human dignity.  Franciscan Richard Rohr is one of my favorite spiritual writers, and his take on dignity is EXACTLY what I wrote about eight years ago when I penned The Hamsa.

“We live with an inherent dignity by reason of our very creation, a dignity that no human has given to us and no human can take from us.  All bears the divine fingerprint, as St. Bonaventure said.  Our inherent dignity has nothing to do with our race or religion or class.  Hindus have it, and Buddhists have it, and so-called ‘pagans’ in Africa have it.  They are just as much children of God as we are.  Objectively. Theologically.  Eternally.”

Richard Rohr

beautiful-childThere are many reasons why I would like you to read The Hamsa, but my motivation today focuses on the fact that if you purchase the Kindle edition of this book, 100% of the royalty goes directly to the children of Haiti.  I know you will enjoy the book, maybe even a bit more than most books knowing that your purchase will help make the world just a little bit better.

Please remember that proceeds from the Kindle edition of ALL my novels go directly to The Haitian Initiative.

On behalf of the kids in Haiti and those who serve them, thanks for your help.

E.S. Kraay


Purchase the Kindle Edition here and ALL proceeds go to the children in Haiti enrolled in The Haitian Initiative

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  1. As one who has read THE HAMSA, to say I agree with E.S. Kraay, the author, and his
    new initiative, THE HAITIAN INITIATIVE, would be ‘putting it mildly!’

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