The Passion



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  1. This is beautiful. And so reflective of today.

    Thursday I left the VA, for a house I rented here in Prescott. Holy Thursday, as I was departing, I left a few words to my fellow vets. Reflecting on my last 9 months here, I related it to Holy Week. I have always thought of Holy Week as a summary of recovery. 9 months ago in Tucson, contemplating going into the VA I thought, Really?? There has got to be another way!! Im not too crazy about this idea, surely there is another way Father. The heavens didnt move or shake to reply, so I surrenderd.

    For 9 months I allowed THE OLD MAN to be crucified. And even submitted me to the VA in Topeka Kansas. A very unlikely Golgotha. Where a very strenuous routine worked on the Demons of my PTSD. As I left the VA in Prescott this past Thursday, it really did feel like a Ressurection!!!

    But I know this is not a one-time deal. It needs to be repeated over and over to maintain the resurrected Carl.
    Alleluia Alleluia let us all experience a Resurrection. But beware, there is no Easter Sunday without a Good Friday.

    And I hope you and your family are blessed in this remarkable season.

    Your Friend


    1. Simonides Avatar

      Thanks for continuing to share your story with us, Carl. I am glad things are working out for you. Ask and it will be given to you.

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