Tree Rings, Chapter Ten, Obituary, Howard Glenn Kraay

Howard Glenn Kraay, 1944

My granddaughters asked if I had pictures of their great-grandfather ‘during the war.’  As I searched for pictures, I found a document he wrote in 1995, an autobiography of sorts, two decades before he passed away on June 3, 2015.  I am proud to include it as a chapter in Tree Rings.

Tree Rings, Chapter Ten, Obituary, Howard Glenn Kraay
Tree Rings, Chapter Ten, Obituary, Howard Glenn Kraay
Published: February 9, 2019

3 thoughts on “Tree Rings, Chapter Ten, Obituary, Howard Glenn Kraay”

  1. I enjoyed every minute of that wonderful life story of your Dad, Gene, and though I’ve been a part of the family since 1964, there were some parts of his early years that I never knew….But I’m so glad that I know them now !
    Your Dad was a loving, soft spoken, gentle, very intelligent man, who observed much, listened with his heart, was fair-minded, had a great sense of humor, and a wonderful warm smile ! We were so Blessed to have shared many delicious family dinners with ALL of your Clan, and we have Lots of fond memories of our kids enjoying your wonderful cabin in the woods of Mt. Washington with nature wrapped all around it….including wild turkeys right outside the door. Nice change of pace from the city-life, and a great way to unwind, and refresh your spirit !! Your Dad was a Very Special human being, and I thoroughly enjoyed this walk back in time….Thanks, Gene

  2. How I enjoyed reading this life story of your dad, Gene. As long as I knew him, I knew very little of his background. I remember him as a kind, gentle , hardworking man who greatly loved his family. What a great story!
    He was a highly respected member of the Pittsfield School Dept. staff and by his students. I am grateful for all the great times that Lou and I shared with your dad and mom over the years.
    Thank you for sharing this memoir.
    Love and best wishes to you and your family

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