Complimentary Offerings

From time to time, I feature complimentary writings that you can download at no charge with my thanks and best wishes.  I do this to acknowledge the support and inspiration I receive from my readers and followers.  

I hope you continue to find value in my writing and this website.

The Passion from Gaspar, Another Tales of the Christ.

The Passion

The Passion
The Passion

excerpt from Gaspar, Another Tale of the Christ




A Tale of Redemption

Rosie, A Tale of Redemption
Rosie, A Tale of Redemption

Christmas 2015 gift.  The story of a man and his dog.

Rosie, A Tale of Redemption … audio

Rosie Audio

AH coverAmerican Holocaust, Book One:  Moctezuma

A tale of Native America told from the perspective of the American Buffalo.

American Holocaust, Book One:  Moctezuma
American Holocaust, Book One: Moctezuma


From Gaspar, Another Tale of the Christ … the Nativity sequence as read by veteran actor Alistair McKenzie.

The Christmas Story PDF
The Christmas Story PDF

The Christmas Story PDF


Tucson Mountains
Tucson Mountains


5 thoughts on “Complimentary Offerings”

  1. Thanks Gene! I read your book, “Gaspar” but am so glad to hsve listened to this reading from it. What I remembered from reading the book, was that the wise men hsd reached Bethlehem after Joseph Mary and their child had left to escape…the man they met, I remember as Joseph’s uncle who’d given the couple a place in his stabke. I must reread the book…. may you have a gift-graced Advent season! Michelle

  2. Geno-
    Your Christmas gift is being spread as we speak. I have read every one of your books and Gaspar is certainly a favorite. I read the nativity portion to my grandchildren at Christmas every year.
    So when you offered the gift of Gaspar for free, I asked my Men’s group to download it as our end of year book discussion.
    Your story touches all generations. Thank you.
    Merry Christmas to you and Marie.
    Sean Riley. ’71

    1. Sean, I so much appreciate your comments here. People just like you are who keep me going when I question myself. Bless you and yours during this wonderful season.

  3. Hi Gene,
    The last time I remember seeing you was when you and I were playing in a summer soccer league at Egremont School in Pittsfield in the 60’s. You were in the goal mostly yelling at weak fullback play (me). Then we lost track…

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