About E.S. Kraay


From the Olympic stadium in Ancient Greece to the banks of the Housatonic River … E.S. Kraay writes stories about things that make a difference.

A native of the Berkshire Hills in Western Massachusetts, I cherish fond memories of Tanglewood, the Pittsfield Public Library, Herman Melville, Norman Rockwell, Richmond Pond, Pontoosuc Lake, the Hashim Boys, Rudy Benedetti, my Auntie and Babcia in Housatonic and my Aunt Sadie in Westfield, and so many, many other people and places that remain dear to my heart.

As a young boy, I was blessed with a wonderful English teacher, Norman Najimy.  Mr. Najimy had a passion for the written word, and his passion still burns in me and drives me to write books.  He inspired me to read every night.  That was half a century ago, and I haven’t missed a night since.  Before I was a student of Norman Najimy’s, my life’s dream was to be an archaeologist.  After that eighth-grade English class, I wanted to write books.

I wandered for 40 years in the desert and did not fulfill that ambition until 2008 when The Olympian was published.  A dozen years and well more than a half-million words later, I lay claim to seven novels.

My heart has led me to each story with the conviction that despite the challenges we face as members of an ever-expanding universe, someone, somewhere will always rise to do what’s morally right for this planet we call Earth and for the billions of creatures who inhabit it.

  • As It Is Written

    Many years ago, one of my favorite homilists – Redemptorist Father Greg Weist – moderated our monthly book club that featured Flannery O’Connor’s collection of short stories Everything That Rises Must Converge.  He opened the discussion with these words, “The kingdom of heaven is like a pig farm…”  It was a brilliant way to begin…

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  • The Writing Process, part 1

    Whether or not you read Stephen King books and whether or not you like Stephen King, I am certain he will be remembered well into the future as one of the most prolific, if not one of the greatest novelists this country has ever produced.  I used to paraphrase Mr. King as saying, “If you…

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  • DWI: Dying While Intoxicated now available

      DWI: Dying While Intoxicated has arrived! “When justice is blind, it cannot read the law.” I am pleased to announce that my fourth novel, DWI: Dying While Intoxicated was published yesterday, May 24, 2012 and is now available from Amazon.com and other online book vendors.  It is available as a physical book and as an…

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  • Where Ideas Come From: DWI, Dying While Intoxicated

    I was educated as a warrior, although I am not comfortable with claiming that title today.  I entered the United States Air Force Academy in 1967, graduated and spent a career as a pilot until medical retirement ‘clipped my wings.’  I really can’t think of another ‘job’ that is more fun than flying single-seat, single-engine,…

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