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  • A Special Gift

    A Special Gift

    Yesterday, I received an email from an old friend and teammate, gentleman Sean Riley.  He just completed reading Gaspar, Another Tale of the Christ.  When I get back home, I will add his comments to the “What They’re Saying” page.  Sean recalled a few years back when I started writing Gaspar that I put the…

  • Round Two

    As the second round is about to commence, Jimmy asks his older brother what he expects in the next round.

  • Olympian Winners Announced

    Alistair McKenzie and I are pleased to announce the winners of our first “E.S. Kraay Online” giveaway. Domestic US winner – Alexei Michalenko, retired Catholic priest from Alexandria, Virginia. International winner – Pedro Colacci, General Manager of PCB Representatives in Lima, Peru. Congratulations to both Father Michalenko and Mr. Colacci.  Each will receive his free…

  • The 7-Year Question

    Ever since Jon Smith and his HopLite Entertainment group put The Sixth Man: A 17,175-Word Novella About Creation and Prizefighting on their upcoming project list – working title for the film is “Third Man” – I have become very interested in film development and all of the complexities and challenges that surround it. I have…

  • They Ain’t No Hell fo’ Dead People

    The Old Man explains to the Paul brothers why there is no such place as hell.