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  • Out of It

    I’m in my own world these days.  I walked through the portal at least a year ago with my last completed book.

  • Requesting Help in Haiti

    Requesting Help in Haiti

    Twenty years ago, I penned the opening sentence to my first novel, The Olympian, A Tale of Ancient Hellas. “I was 12-years-old when my father took me to my first Olympic Games.”

  • The Time Is Always Ripe

    The Time Is Always Ripe

    While The Olympian remains my best-seller, my heart belongs to The Hamsa.  Based on the life of Olympic skier Bronisław Czech, I refer to The Hamsa as ‘a Holocaust story.’  You see, Czech was the 349th person incarcerated at Auschwitz.  The Hamsa is a story of human dignity. In 2016, eight years after I penned…

  • Why You Should Read The Hamsa

    I want you to read The Hamsa for two reasons It is good story and All proceeds from all E.S. Kraay Kindle editions on ALL E.S. Kraay books go directly to The Haitian Initiative to support the kids enrolled in the HI program in Cité Soleil The Hamsa is a Holocaust story told through the…

  • Books for Haitian Children

    Books for Haitian Children

    Four years ago, I woke up at 2:30AM one hot July night with a single sentence running over and over in my mind, “John Paul was a boy with two first names.  John Paul was a boy with two first names …”  I could not fight the call.  I climbed out of bed, sat at…