Editorial Team

monk writingThe response to my request a week ago for editorial assistance on my new manuscript was overwhelming.  Thank you to all our subscribers, readers and friends who are willing to help make this new book the best it can be.  By mid-week, we had assembled a team that I am calling the ‘Tatanka Editorial Team.’  As I told the team members, I think I had Frank Sinatra on my brain and was thinking of Danny Ocean’s 11 when I selected the team members from the inquiries that came in.  The team members come from all walks of life with broad professional experience in many venues.  Each is an avid reader and most are experienced writers in their own right.  One resides in Thailand, and we reside on both coasts from California to the Atlantic seaboard and New England.  I am grateful to have such support and inspiration.  Thanks again to all who inquired.  ESK